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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

March 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Before you hire one photographer or turn down another, you'll want to make sure you have satisfactory answers to these five questions. Some of these you must ask the photographer, while others are for you to think about.

  1. May I talk with previous clients? This question would throw some photographers off guard, but good ones have a list of referrals. Now, these are hand picked, but good photographers won't have to coach clients on what to say, and most clients wouldn't put up with being coached anyway. These testimonials can be quite valuable in deciding who to hire.
  2. How much do you value trust? Anyone can give you photography. But when it comes to professional practices and behavior, delivery, exceeding expectations, being entrusted with your wedding photographs and products, the number of people who can deliver drop exponentially. Don't trade peace of mind for price unless you're willing to settle for less.
  3. Do you want short term savings or long term happiness? There's a reason photographers match only lower prices and not higher ones. A photographer who offers the "same thing" for less is never offering the same result exactly. You need to decide where you fall on the scale: cheap, or excellent.
  4. How equipped is your photographer to do business? How equipped is your photographer to handle last-minute changes, accidents and provide service that actually makes your life easier instead of more painful?
  5. Are there any more stones you can turn over? Don't be quick to dismiss a photographer just because you don't have enough information or haven't yet been offered an incentive. Don't be afraid to just ask for that deciding piece of the puzzle. Good photographers work hard to exceed expectations, but they're not mind readers.

Are you ready for a photographer who will commit to your results? Contact me to set up a free consult, and I'd be happy to understand your preferences, answer questions, and show you more about my wedding photography.


Joel Nisleit Self PortraitJoel Nisleit Self PortraitSelf portrait of studio owner Joel Nisleit. Joel's skills enable him to capture portraits like this in any location, from home to a parking garage.

Joel Nisleit is the founder and lead wedding photographer at Joel Nisleit Photography, serving Fond du Lac, Madison and Milwaukee areas. He helps brides get elegant photography collections they cherish. Contact Joel for service and pricing information.


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