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wedding packages pricing milwaukee wisconsin photographer joel nisleitThe Core ExperienceWith the core experience, you bring home an heirloom art book and digital companion USB with any collection you book. Perfect for couples who love art.

Legendary collections

Every collection with me is built on a single experience and curated collection of luxury, old-fashioned service, modern conveniences and collectible art.

Core services are as follows:

  • Photographic coverage with me, not an associate, so there's no client-photographer disconnect, which is the leading cause of problems
  • Assistant to facilitate more beautiful lighting and run errands to make the day go smoother
  • Fairy tale custom album, 20 pages, museum-quality retouch on all album images
  • Confidence concierge: I walk you through everything you need for your desired photography outcome, from custom schedule design, location selection, photo album, reminders and heirloom design. If there's something else you need, just ask.
  • Artist proof digital JPEGs, carefully selected, professionally developed, high resolution, watermark-free with license to copy and print for personal use
  • Crystal USB archive, engraved initials, luxury keepsake box
  • Elegant online gallery for easy sharing, organizing and ordering

Clients typically invest 2000-4000 with completed album. To get an estimate and see if you'd like to explore a booking, please get in touch.


Heirlooms you can't swipe-left on

Have you ever thought or heard someone say, "We're big scrapbookers," "we're DIYers," "we'll get an album eventually?" I've heard it all. But so few couples make it through the gauntlet of actually selecting and printing any pictures, let alone a full-blown album that isn't from an Internet souvenir press.

I take all the work off of your shoulders, carefully selecting the best pictures that move the story forward without becoming repetitive, then arranging them in an album that narrates your wedding and balances details with moments, with important historical pictures, with featured art.

And if you want to make changes, that's easy too with available online proofing, live online design sessions, or in-person design sessions.

Now you can live and play while your album is being made, rather than having to rearrange your life around your album. Set up your visit to see samples.


brown simulated snake custom wedding photography usb flash drive wisconsin photographer joel nisleitCustom Engraved Wedding USBYour custom USB from Joel Nisleit Photography is a crystal engraved with your first initials, nestled in a jewel box embossed with the studio logo.

III. Do digital like a rock star

Digital can be so much more, which is why the digital portion of your collection is delivered on the ultimate crystal engraved with your initials, nestled in a simulated snake or alligator jewel box, loaded with your digital art proofs with a personal license to copy and print. Plus, 10% of proceeds from the manufacturer automatically go to the Soul Society to benefit poor and orphaned children in third-world countries, no extra steps for you.

  • Choice of color and box material


I'm ready to connect


Quick questions

I don't see family/bridal party/detail portraits. Do you take them?

Yes of course. The best way to see how I photograph a complete wedding is to set up a visit in person. Until then, feel free to get acquainted with my albums.


What will happen when I get in touch?

We'll set up a quick chat to check availability, get some basic information and see if you'd like to meet. We won't be able to cover all of the important details in one short call. I'll follow up respectfully a few times if I don't hear from you. That's it.


I'd love to meet but I have to work it out with my fiancé, our schedules are so hectic, we live in different states, etc.

Many couples have lost their chances to book because they hesitated. It can take weeks just to get basic information emailing back and forth. The busier you are, the more time a call or meeting can save you. I'd be happy to set up a video chat if travel isn't an option. If your pictures aren't worth a chat, you may prefer a photographer who's less committed to you.

More questions? See the FAQ.

I'm ready to connect



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