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How not to DIY your own wedding album - Milwaukee wedding photographer

June 12, 2017
Kind of on the fence about getting a wedding album? The Knot’s “How to Make a Wedding Photo Album” article (link) lays out the best reasons NOT to make your own, and it d...
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How to Verify Your Wedding Vendors' Pictures

April 24, 2017
Even though as a Wisconsin wedding photographer I believe in showing a good portfolio, I advocate to all couples that a simple collection of highlight images isn't enough...
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How to care for your wedding photography album - Milwaukee wedding photographer

January 10, 2017
So you've decided to protect your wedding photography by getting an album. Wise choice! Here's how you can give your album the longest life. Storage: Your album is made...
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Milwaukee Brides, Are You a Prisoner of Your Own Wedding?

January 06, 2017
I love it when brides who've been there come out and trash their own pre-wedding thinking, especially when it comes to all the stuff they thought would save them time and...
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What is your wedding photographer really preserving?

December 03, 2016
I used to believe that as a wedding photographer I was preserving history. Now when I hear photographers talk about "preserving" and "capturing," I'm reminded of pickles...
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