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Wedding photography without all the gimmicks

There's no greater thing I can do as your wedding photographer than honor and immortalize in print the love and family you're blessed with. Your pictures aren't your whole legacy, but they'll be one of the longest lasting, so they need to be done right.

While you can't truly preserve your wedding day, the right pictures done the right way, like a favorite song played over and over, can instantly transport you back to magical memories, feelings or even long-forgotten details.

With a vintage Hollywood mystique and natural feel, your story will have the heart of family, the electricity of a romantic gaze into each other's eyes, and the makings of legend.

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The Joel Nisleit bride

  • Wants candid moments that look magical
  • Wants direction that's natural, beautiful and not posey-posey or cookie cutter
  • Doesn't want pictures ruined with gimmicks, cheesy effects, unrealistic editing
  • Wants her ideas, locations, fashion, details, people to look fabulous
  • Expects decisive, creative vision
  • Wants stunning portraits in difficult or dark conditions, regardless of shape and size
  • Needs help with locations, schedule, shot list, album design, etc.
  • Likes the idea of having her gorgeous photos in print
  • Wants a smooth professional experience


Photography approach

I left the wedding mills in 2014 to bring a client-centered, quality-focused experience to couples who don't want to cut corners on photography or get anything cheesy.

Weddings require more than one discipline, including candid photojournalism, prompting or direction and fine art. I know there groups who think weddings should be 100% unposed, plain documentation, and that's great. I serve a particular couple who wants added dimension and crispness.

I love the pure challenge of how beautiful a picture can be regardless of actual conditions, without props, Photoshop or post processing effects. That carries through in my true-to-life, no-tricks editing style.

The process from here

  1. The pictures: Familiarize yourself with my portfolio and get a feel for my styles and how I tell stories in albums.

  2. Say hello! Tell me about you and set up a quick chat. Fit is important because photography is a top priority for Joel Nisleit couples. If everything sounds good, we'll go over the details and booking in person or at least video chat. That gives us a great chance to meet, see more samples and albums, and get all the details ironed out.

  3. Booking: Based on what you say at our meeting, I'll put together an online proposal for you to sign and pay.

  4. Welcome & planning: You'll immediately get a welcome packet. I'll be in touch with you to collect information, set up meetings and create a photography plan you'll be confident with. I'll do this automatically at the right times so you don't have to think or feel overwhelmed. You may get in touch with me any time and I always respond quickly.

  5. Post wedding: This is where I really follow through and design a complete album for you, select and develop your pictures individually, design your slideshow and put together your online gallery.

  6. Reveal & pickup: About 5-6 weeks after the wedding, you'll have a private reveal of your entire collection, including complete album ready for approval or revision. It takes most photographers this long just to edit and dump digital files. Depending on how fast you approve design, you could pick up your album in about 3 months from your wedding date, the time some photographers are still editing pictures!


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