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Wisconsin wedding photographer Joel NisleitBest Wedding Photography AlbumsMy Wisconsin wedding photography clients get only the finest custom designed albums hand-made in the United States. Built for a legacy.

Top Questions

  • My fiancé and I don't feel that photogenic and generally don't like having our pictures taken. Is Joel the right photographer for us?
    • "We liked that Joel had lots of ideas for us and he understands everyone photographs differently. He's not cookie cutter. We never felt awkward in front of the camera and his direction was always fun, told a story and made us look awesome all day. The artistic shots are out of this world and he got so many moments we didn't even remember. If you have any doubts, talk with Joel immediately."
  • It looks like Joel does only big, fancy weddings. Is he the right fit?
    • "One reason we hired Joel was because he works with real couples who have realistic weddings. We had a relatively small wedding outdoors and reception in a tent, and what he was able to do with locations, lighting and storytelling was amazing. Whatever kind of wedding you have, imagine how he could upscale the look of your whole day. Talk with Joel today."
  • We love the pictures, but everything looks really expensive. Can we afford Joel?
    • "Actually we found a lot of higher priced photographers whose pictures weren't as well lit or just kind of looked like snapshots with unrealistic editing. Some photographers were starting at 3000 and not including an album. Joel provides an album and does all of the design, production and retouching for you. He's flexible with the retainer and payment plans. Plus he was so helpful after the wedding. He won't just mail you a disc and leave you on your own."
  • It looks like our wedding will be too far away. Does he travel?
    • "Yes, being from Horicon, Joel travels just about anywhere you need, but for anything more than 120 miles round trip, he charges a flat $150 for travel, plus extra if additional days/nights are required for travel."
  • Can we get a quick quote?
    • "As soon as we got in touch, Joel set up a quick phone chat to learn more about what we wanted and give us an estimate. Then we scheduled a meet and greet to explore a booking, but he does video chats also."
  • We really want to capture the unique character of our venue. Has Joel shot there before?
    • "After working with Joel we realized it didn't matter if he shot at our venue before. He knows how to use environments and light in interesting ways and finds shots that you wouldn't have thought of. Depending on the location, he may also scout it ahead of time so that you don't waste time on the wedding day."
  • How many hours do we need to set aside for pictures? What locations are best?
    • "We were so glad Joel had everything ironed out for us so that we didn't have to worry about it on the wedding day. He was very helpful with the specifics of how much time things take, helping us pick locations and putting together a custom schedule for us, as well as incorporating our must-have shots. We just felt a great relief after meeting with Joel a few times before the wedding. Every wedding and photographer is different so if you have questions about your day, contact Joel."
  • What makes Joel different?
    • "One thing is that Joel is a professional. Photography was a top 3 decision for us and we trusted him to help us with what we didn't know and make our wedding look awesome. We didn't want to risk it with an amateur because we saw so many stories about couples having problems with lower priced photographers and even family members who just couldn't handle the responsibility. If you're going to invest in pictures, you won't regret having a professional with a real business behind you. Plus there's a certain quality to Joel's pictures that we just couldn't find anywhere else."


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  • We're looking for (two photographers/canvases/engagement/something we don't see). Can we get that?
    • "Yes Joel can help you put together the collection you want but there are so many variables and your wedding will be different, so talk with Joel right away."
  • Were you required to buy anything after the wedding?
    • "We didn't have to spend a dime extra, but we definitely wanted to build out our album beyond what was included, and our families ordered several prints."
  • How much did you pay to reserve Joel?
    • "We paid 40% of the collection price to reserve our date so we could begin working with Joel. He offered a lot of flexibility with reservation retainers and payment plans to make it as easy as possible for us to budget."


  • When can we expect to see our pictures?
    • "In just 5 weeks from our wedding date, Joel not only had our complete online gallery ready to reveal but he also put together an animated slideshow set to music showing the highlights of our day, and on top of that he designed a killer album that probably would have taken us six months if we had ever done it ourselves. Most photographers we looked at took 6 to 12 weeks just to drop off digital files."
  • Are the files edited?
    • "We couldn't believe our digital proofs hadn't been Photoshopped. The work Joel does in camera is amazing and all of the pictures are individually adjusted for exposure, contrast, color, sharpness, noise reduction. He doesn't mass process anything. We didn't realize some photographers don't do their own editing, but it makes sense because Joel has already created the look in camera and while his team does the editing, he focuses on the album and slideshow designs."
  • Are the images retouched?
    • "Yes Joel had all of our album images retouched at no extra charge, like 200 images. That included stray hair removal, eye bag softening, blemish removal, teeth whitening and skin smoothing. Some photographers count their basic developing as retouching, which it's not, so be careful when people throw around terms and know what you're getting. Joel will also retouch any prints 11x14 or larger that you order from him." 
  • When do we get the album?
    • "We picked up our album about 3 months after the wedding. It depends on how quickly you approve your design. The longer you take to approve it, the longer it will take to produce the album. But Joel makes it as easy as possible with online proofing and online or in-person design sessions."
  • When do we get the files?
    • "We got our digital files after we approved the album, but during that time we had access to our online gallery to share and order pictures almost as if they were on our own hard drive. It's hard waiting to get the files but we understood the reason, which is to focus on getting the album done first, and we're glad we did. We didn't do as much with the files as we thought we would, but everyone loves looking at our album."
  • How many images do we get?
    • "We got about 800-900 all developed, but Joel is more about the story and quality than a fixed number. Every wedding is different and you may get more or fewer. Some couples get closer to 700 for a full day, and others closer to 900. We had just under 200 in our album."
  • Can we see more images or outtakes?
    • "No and why would you want to see all the shots that didn't make the cut? Imagine all the blinks. Joel put a lot of time into selecting the images carefully and presented us a perfect collection that told the story without being too much. It wouldn't make sense for him to hide a great image from you. We've heard a lot of stories about photographers who didn't edit or made their clients go through all the images themselves. We didn't want that amateur experience."
  • Do we get the copyright?
    • "Yes we got a license to copy and print the images as long as we don't do anything commercially with them."
  • Who owns the copyright?
    • "Joel Nisleit owns the copyright and issues licenses as appropriate for use of the work. You may purchase full ownership from Joel Nisleit for a substantial fee, and then you can even say you created them and make a million dollars selling them."

Style and Quality

  • Would you say Joel is more photojournalistic or posed?
    • "He does wedding photography, which is everything from fashion, family, glamour, photojournalism and editorial to fine art. Really we didn't want just a whole day of candid snapshots. We felt we needed some direction and artistic shots as well. Joel has a classical craft and an art that we appreciated."
  • Does he do Pinterest shots?
    • "We didn't suggest anything from Pinterest but we had a couple of ideas of our own that we wanted to try and Joel was happy to do those. I would say if Pinterest has helped you find a style or photographer you like, then trust that professional to do their own thing. It's a lot less stressful and saves a lot of time to just let your professional do their job rather than refer to a script all day."
  • What effects does he use?
    • "Joel does everything in the camera and his knowledge and skill of lighting as well as direction when needed creates an incredibly chic and classic look that we wanted. Oftentimes we wouldn't see what he was going for with our own eyes but Joel made it magical. Most of the editing and filters we saw from other photographers made people look too unrealistic."
  • Does Joel work off of a shot list?
    • "Joel worked with us to create an exact list of family groupings to expedite family portraits. He also made note of special requests and he has you fill out a few forms to make sure everyone is on the same page with the details. But you don't need a list of every possible shot throughout the wedding day."



Business & Details

  • What kind of gear does Joel use?
    • "Joel carries two professional Nikon DSLR cameras (D4 and D700) with a variety of professional Nikkor (Nikon) lenses, three Nikon Speedlights with remote controls, plus one studio strobe and a variety of other tools."
  • Does he keep our images safe?
    • "Joel keeps the digital film on him at all times. He never leaves his camera anywhere without removing the memory cards, so even if all of his gear gets stolen, you'll still have the images. Amazingly many photographers haven't figured this out."
    • "He keeps your images in three locations: two local and one online. Amazingly many photographers have only one local copy."
    • "You may choose to have a password for your Web gallery, though we found it easier not to. You choose whom to share your link with."
  • Does he have insurance?
    • "Joel has equipment and liability insurance through a Professional Photographers of America recommended provider and can provide proof if necessary for your venue."
  • How do we reserve our date?
    • "After a quick chat to make sure you're a good fit, you'll want to meet in person or video chat to go over the details. Then it's as easy as signing and paying the retainer online. Anyone may book your date without notice until you reserve it. If you're interested, don't wait to meet with Joel. Several brides have lost their dates by the time they committed to hiring him.