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Giving Back in a Small Way as a Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

September 12, 2016 - A portion of each custom flash drive I order automatically goes to benefit the Soul Society, which helps poor and orphan...
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Exercises Using Manual Flash

April 18, 2014 - Today I woke up, saw the sun, and knew that I needed to set my camera to 1/200, ISO 100 at f/8 and flash at 5.6 feet, 1/...
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On-Camera Speedlight Diffusion Methods Compared

April 08, 2014 - Good use of off-camera lighting, including natural, will always be best in my book. Let's just say that on-camera flash...
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Beginner's Guide to Purchasing Speedlights (Flashes)

November 20, 2013 - A question I see often is what flash to get for your camera. For the beginner, obviously I would not recommend paying bi...
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New Self Portrait and Explanation of Technique

September 25, 2013 - I needed a new portrait to enhance the brand image I'm trying to create for my business, and in the process I thought I'...
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Shooting a Snowy Forest With Color Gel

January 31, 2013 - Out in a recent snow storm I found the woods near the Horicon Marsh interesting, every branch covered with snow. It was...
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Understanding How TTL Flash Photography Works

January 08, 2013 - Flash exposure -- just those two words are enough to boggle even advanced amateurs. But when you understand how flash wo...
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Shooting the Holidays: Christmas Decorations

December 04, 2012 - I wanted to record my wife putting up some Christmas ornaments on Saturday, but of course I couldn't just whip out the c...
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PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 Review (Nikon D200, CLS)

June 18, 2012 - The PocketWizard MiniTT1 transmitter and FlexTT5 transceivers for Nikon certainly put the "Wizard" in PocketWizard, givi...
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How to Freeze Motion With Flash

June 01, 2012 - Seeing something that moves very fast frozen in a brief moment of time will always be fascinating. It's like peering int...
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Use a Snoot (Powersnoot) to Control and Sculpt Light

April 19, 2012 - A single spotlight on your subject can be very dramatic, highlighting the model but not affecting the background. But yo...
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