Avoid Wedding Schedule Nightmares

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Joel Nisleit Self PortraitJoel Nisleit Self PortraitSelf portrait of Milwaukee wedding photographer Joel Nisleit. Having the time for the photos you want is easy if your photographer works with you before the wedding to make sure the schedule allows for those images.

I've seen many studios not do this, and sometimes the result is sacrificing amazing photography to stay on time, or it could mean getting the photography you want at the cost of setting back other events significantly or even skipping them.

Specifically, scheduling and most wedding photography problems are the result of Photographer-Client Disconnect, a syndrome typical of studios that put someone, like a consultant, between you and your photographer, or when a photographer simply doesn't have the expertise or inclination to help.

It's important to work together directly with your photographer on more than one occasion well before the wedding to plan a schedule that allows the photography you're paying for. This is one of many values that the price-cutting, inexperienced photographers and photo factories simply don't provide.

A typical scheduling disaster, which a good photographer can easily help you avoid, is not enough time before or after the ceremony to get all the portraits you want.

If you want to save money by hiring a cheap photographer, you could be sacrificing some key values and actually make it more difficult to get the pictures you really want. The key is hiring an experienced photographer who will help you avoid hidden delays you wouldn't think of and let you know when the schedule you have conflicts with the photography you want. Many studios lack this simple service that can make a huge difference in your image collection.

A photographer worth your investment will be happy to give you complimentary planning sessions and continued support in designing the photography of your dreams. She will also be able to take charge when necessary to create images on schedule while respecting you and guests.

For an even more memorable experience, hire a wedding planner/producer to coordinate your entire wedding day. Not only can your producer help you choose vendors and coordinate your schedule but he can find ways to save money you may not have thought of. Experienced producers like Brian Kelm Productions, which specializes in high-end events, can bring a lot of value to anyone looking for a memorable, standout wedding.

Photographers aren't superhuman. They can only work with what they have, and if there's not enough time, it does affect photography. By working with your photographer on multiple occasions before your wedding, you can avoid problems and make sure you get the photos and service you're expecting.

The important thing is it's the photographer's job, in coordination with other vendors, to make sure the schedule allows for the photography you want. When you invest in a trained professional, expect a higher level of service and better results. It's worth your investment!

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Joel Nisleit Self PortraitJoel Nisleit Self PortraitSelf portrait of Milwaukee wedding photographer Joel Nisleit.

--Joel Nisleit is a designer wedding photographer based in Horicon, WI, providing photography and education throughout Wisconsin. He's known for fun, natural, stylish photography with a designer flair founded on classical principles. He's a member of Professional Photographers of America.


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