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I Photograph Moments. Wait, Doesn't Everyone? - Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

September 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Take a surf around the vast ocean of wedding photography -- national or local -- and you'll see a recurring theme: "We photograph moments. Like, no, really, we're the only ones."

It's like an NBA star saying, "Look, I made a basket!"

Is there a professional photographer at a wedding who's like, "Ah, yes, I've kept my camera down all day and finally nothing's happening, so I can start shooting."

Like, who's the competition, a stalker of nothing who waits for all the action to pass before pointing the camera at the floor and ripping 12 frames a second?

My point is, wedding photographers are supposed to capture moments. Particularly with the advent of 35mm and digital, it's easier than ever to simply document.

Anyone with a smartphone can snap a moment. Is that it?

It's not about moments vs. no moments, or spontaneity vs. design. Both are valid.

Let me ask a bigger question: Whom do you trust with your look? To solve problems? To help?

Consider the total value of a professional, from creating shots in boring or challenging conditions, creating looks others don't or can't see, to making the experience as easy as possible.

And professionals aren't perfect. The only photographers who don't miss moments are liars. We miss from time to time. But professionals get back up and keep fighting.

I love a good moment and think it's something families will fondly look back on, but the challenge is what else can I do, or how can I do it differently? And I love answering that question.

I'd love to hear your biggest photography questions and preferences. Leave a comment below or contact me.

Joel Nisleit Self PortraitJoel Nisleit Self PortraitSelf portrait of studio owner Joel Nisleit. Joel's skills enable him to capture portraits like this in any location, from home to a parking garage.

Joel Nisleit photographs people from all walks of life who would like their wedding photographed as a fairy tale instead of a documentary. Contact me today so I can serve the aesthetic and historical significance of your wedding.



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