Learn How to Get Correct Exposure With Joel's Expose Like the Pros Workshops

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Get the foundations you need to consistently make images look the way you want with "Expose Like the Pros" workshops by Joel Nisleit Photography October 8, 5 to 8 p.m. and November 1, 1 to 3 p.m. at the Seippel Center for the Arts in Beaver Dam, WI.
Learn professional secrets of light, metering methods, exposure controls and modes, dynamic range, histograms and gain insight on how to make creative exposure decisions. It's all about light, so bring your DSLR and curiosity.
Anyone interested in taking the first steps to understanding and controlling photography should attend this workshop. Knowing what the controls do or what the terms mean isn't enough. Getting a few tips and tricks isn't enough. You need to understand how to record light, or you won't understand the very thing that is photography or how to get more out of it.
Get the exposure just right out of camera every time! Joel will teach you the foundations.
There will be some technical discussion, but everything in this workshop is prerequisite to having any control over photography, so if you want to be in control, there's no choice but to confront a little bit of science. You'll also see demonstrations and get hands-on experience learning important concepts.
Most workshops, seminars and webinars, while highly entertaining, leave photographers without the foundation to actually use those tips or make their own creative decisions. Joel wants to give you more. He knows you won't learn everything you need overnight or in one workshop, but you'll come away with a foundation you can build on and practice to stop being a snap shooter, understand how to get more out of the equipment you already have, and start being a mindful recorder of light.
The problem of most beginners is that they take pictures of scenes or objects, which always leaves them guessing what the best exposure is for the thing they're pointing the camera at and ultimately hoping more expensive technology will figure it out for them. Joel begins with explaining that common approach but then teaches the concept of exposing for the light itself. This leads not only to more accuracy and control but it enables you to see light. Once you can identify light's source, direction, pattern, color, impact and emotion, you can make decisions on how to manipulate it.
Learning exposure is the first step to understanding that photography is always and only about recording light, not recording people, places or things. Cameras don't record scenes or things. They record light, and light is what informs the viewer of not only what the photographer saw but what he felt. Without light, there's no photography.
So join Joel and begin your photographic journey! Each class is $55 for a practical photography foundation, with a portion going to the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association. To register, please call 920-885-3635 or email bdarts@seippelcenter.com.


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