4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hire a Second Shooter for Your Wedding

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If you can't decide whether you need a second shooter at your wedding or not, take a look at four reasons you wouldn't need one.

  • You have a long ceremony. Additional coverage of the ceremony is one of the biggest reasons brides hire second photographers. While I can't dismiss the importance of this, a ceremony that's longer than 30 minutes gives a single photographer more time to cover secondary angles and moments in addition to the key story elements and will lessen the need for a second photographer. You can always ask if you can hire a second photographer just for the ceremony.
  • You don't need a lot of candid photography. Getting extra candid photos to round out the day is one of the best reasons to hire a second photographer, but it also means hundreds of more images to sort through that in all likelihood won't end up in an album or getting much share time. If you're not big on candid photography and just want the key story moments, it may be a great reason to skip a second photographer.
  • It's just not in your budget. Any lead photographer should be able to capture a great wedding story alone. While you may have to accept fewer candid or detail shots, it will be a distinctive story told in the vision of your photographer, and that's what you're hiring him for.


milwaukee wedding photographer Joel Nisleit PhotographyCoast Restaurant WeddingPink flowers in vases brighten tables at a Coast Restaurant wedding reception in Milwaukee.

  • You're not big on detail shots. If you didn't invest a lot in decorations or settings and don't need a lot of photos of those details, a main photographer should be able to grab a few key shots without having to worry about schedule overlap or guests overtaking the venue. Just make sure your photographer has at least 10 minutes alone with the ceremony venue and 15 minutes with the reception venue to get shots of them undisturbed.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't hire a second photographer! In fact, if you're still unsure, check out this article on why you might need one. And talk about your options with your photographer.

If you'd like to learn more about getting the best coverage for your wedding, get in touch with me now and I'll be happy to help!

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