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3 Reasons First Look Shots Fail at Weddings, and How to Make Them Better

December 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment used with permission.How to do a first look well at your used with permission. used with permission.

Nothing kills a first look like a photographer, bride and groom who have no idea what to do. For a successful first look, avoid these top 3 mistakes.

  1. It wasn't built up. Emotional images are one of the main reasons for doing a first look, but the moment falls flat if the photographer doesn't put any effort into building it up. Don't just do a first look. Do it like it's the moment you've dreamed of forever.
  2. It wasn't set up. You need a specific plan for how and where the first look will happen, and a little direction. With proper setup, you're free to react naturally and the photos will be beautiful. Without setup, it's just some pictures of you looking at each other.
  3. Nobody knew why they were doing it. Photographers should not do a first look just because it's what everyone does or what you want. You shouldn't do a first look just because it's what the photographer wants. Have a specific reason, and make sure everyone knows how to make it worth the time.

I counsel my clients to only do a first look if it's something they feel strongly about and have their own reasons for doing it.

One reason is if you would die without having a good reaction shot of the groom seeing you in full wedding dress for the first time. Another is if you're less traditional and want to clear up some family and bridal portraits before the ceremony.

The first look can be done well, but only if properly prepared for.


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