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Clients are drawn to the romantic, elegant, natural feel in my pictures that brings an enduring appeal to modern wedding photography.

I'm inspired by vintage Hollywood (classic lighting) and photographers who take their cues from it. The first season of Boardwalk Empire was a vintage glam lighting extravaganza. Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind with Clark Gable -- soaring romance.

I can make any situation and location look elevated. I strive to help each client shine their brightest and feel their most vibrant. I also adore those precious moments that you can't plan for. 

Your portraits will have a true-to-life look that sets them apart. Couples who come to me appreciate that I don't use gimmicky filters or trendy processing.

People have asked me how I edit and I tell them, "Very little." My style is achieved 80- to 95-percent in the camera, making it distinctive as a custom craft, not a Photoshop preset anyone can buy.


D700 Working style on the wedding day

You won't see the method in your pictures. You'll see only natural, beautiful images that tell a story across your wedding day. Some will be obviously posed for historical as well as creative reasons.

Most clients understand that to get any sort of elevated photography, they need some direction because they can't see or design themselves through the camera (why would they want to?), and stories don't always tell themselves through candid photojournalism.

Of course photojournalism and candid photography play an important role, as does gentle prompting, direction and lighting, all of which when done correctly can be difficult to tell from candid PJ.

Most clients give me carte blanc to design them because they know I'm fearlessly creative, see all the things they can't and have their best look in mind. Some find more direction puts them at greater ease, while others may prefer less.

It also helps to have a photographer who can move art along throughout the day. There isn't time to wait for the light to fix itself or for distractions to remove themselves.

After all this, clients are still amazed when they see their pictures because they're used to the idea that a photographer is someone who just has a free Saturday and a spare USB. They've never experienced the craft of photography.


Can you tell the difference?

Most people would pick the picture with the red trolley as the directed one because it looks a little more like they were told to stop and kiss there. However, I lied a little bit: In this case both images are spontaneous. Nobody was told to do anything.


Only one of the above images is spontaneous, no tricks. Do you think you know which? Honestly, sometimes I even forget with my own pictures. Text me what you think at 920-219-2020.


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