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The Top Pinterest Mistake Modern Brides Make

June 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

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If you want to save time and get more for your money, you need to avoid this one Pinterest mistake millions of brides make that has nothing to do with their wedding photographers but everything to do with the pictures.

If Pinterest has led you to your wedding photographer or at least a particular style, great. Now it's time to stop using Pinterest for your photography search and focus on the photographer you have or want to hire.

It may be incredibly tempting to show your photographer a board of shots you want him to emulate, but don't! If you're having this temptation right now, I have two pieces of advice:

  1. Get the same budget, hair, clothing, body, decorations, time of day, venue, photographer and wedding party as in the shots you want to replicate. That's the only way you're getting those shots.
  2. Narrow it down to three shots that you know will be 100% doable at your wedding, and forget the rest.

Do not use Pinterest as a standard for what you can expect from any vendor, unless you're referring to a board with work specifically from that vendor. Everything on Pinterest is out of context, and to expect anything from it -- especially pictures -- to be anything more than a cheap imitation at your wedding is unrealistic.

Also, having to pull out a sheet of photos and then replicate them wastes valuable time that you can't get back on your wedding day, not to mention the talents of the photographer you actually hired for his vision and style. Trust your photographer!

If you hired the right photographer, she'll create a story for you that will stand apart from the crowd, stand the test of time, and feature you in ways nothing on Pinterest can touch. The anticipation of a kiss, your lips so close together that you can feel the electricity, the way you hold each other, the way you smile -- those shots will have a much greater impact than any clever Pinterest shot.

Instead of being the Pinterest copycat, be the bride others want to copy. There's no rule that says you have to do anything Pinterest tells you to, so if you want to be original, it's the last place you need to look.

I mean how many recipes have you tried from Pinterest that didn't quite turn out? Now imagine the same for your wedding photography.


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